Eliot Glacier field trip

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Eliot Glacier is a small northeast facing glacier on Mt. Hood with a debris-covered ablation zone. Andrew Fountain's research group at Portland State has been working on the glacier for many years. Hassan Basagic will lead us on a walk to the glacier via Cooper Spur with assistance from Matt Hoffman and Adam Campbell on Monday the 10th. The following are some resources you may find helpful in preparing for the trip:

  • Meet at 7:00 am for breakfast in Cramer Hall.
  • Bring a jacket, water, and sensible (thick soled) shoes.
  • Box lunches are provided, we will stop for dinner on the return trip (bring cash).
  • Spatial and morphological change on Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood, Oregon USA, Keith Jackson and Andrew Fountain, 2007, Annals of Glaciology pdf
  • Photographs in the PDX Glaciers image database (357 of them!).
  • Eliot Glacier change photos.
  • Historical glacier and climate fluctuations at Mount Hood, Oregon, Karl Lillquist and Karen Walker, 2006, AAAR pdf
  • Summary of Eliot Glacier research (Matt's talk) pdf
  • Field trip handout pdf