Introduction to Glimmer I

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The primary published reference for Glimmer is the recent JGR paper (Rutt et al. 2009)[1] This paper gives a comprehensive overview of the equations solved, and the manner of their solution. It also explains the ancillary modules supplied with Glimmer, such as the geothermal model and the GLINT coupling module.

You should download a copy of this paper, if you haven't already, and begin to make yourself familiar with it. The presentation during this session will only give a brief overview of what's documented in the paper, and instead will concentrate on the practicalities of using the model and developing it further.

Also, be aware that the model described in the paper is presently undergoing rapid development as the next-generation Glimmer-CISM model. Later presentations will give details of the enhancements this will bring.

Presentation slides are here.


  1. Rutt IC., M Hagdorn, NRJ Hulton, and AJ Payne. The Glimmer community ice sheet model. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, F02004. doi:10.1029/2008JF001015. pdf