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12-13 August16 December 2009, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco1km Greenland data set
4-5 August9/10 September 2009, University of ChicagoAdam and Kristin's UW Brownbag
Adding a module to Glimmer IAdding dH/dt moduleAdjoint CISM
Adjoint modelsAdjoint models and automatic differentiationAge verification
Antarctica Basal Heat FluxAssessment(old)
BHandBNU picturesBasal Conditions
Basal Water ModelingBasic Emacs UsageBeginner's Guide to Linux
Blatter-Pattyn Boundary ConditionsBlatter-Pattyn modelBoundary Conditions for Pattyn 2003 Model
CCSM greenland massbalCESM exercise I: checkout, build, and run modelCESM exercise II: view and discuss model output
CF standard names for Glaciology and Ice-Sheet ModelingCISMCISM: Solving the equation for thickness evolution
CISM Adjoint Project SummaryCISM ExtensionsCISM exercise I: build model
CISM exercise II: run diagnostic test casesCISM exercise III: add a module to CISM and run prognostic test caseCISM governing equations and numerical solution
CISM higher-order dynamics: model solution
CISM simple glide flow diagram ICISM simple glide flow diagram II
COMSOL MultiphysicsCOMSOL activitiesCOMSOL introduction
Category 1: Whole Ice SheetCategory 2: Ice-Stream/Ice-ShelfCategory 3: Ice-Shelf/Ocean
Change logClimate DriversCode Refactoring
Command ReferenceCommunity Activities
Complete dH/dt moduleComputing Resources and Room Description
Configuration FilesConnections in groups
Coupling the Cryosphere to other Earth systems, part ICoupling the Cryosphere to other Earth systems, part IICourse Evaluation
Cryptocard holdersCryptocardsDM02.jpg
DataData SourcesData Sources for Greenland
Data sets for ice sheet modelingDefault configuration files for ISMIP-HOM testDefault configuration files for ISMIP-HOM test suite exercise
Development of a Community Ice Sheet ModelDining and brewpub suggestionsDivide flow and Raymond bumps
DocumentationDouglas MacAyealDynamic response to the enhanced basal flow in the Greenland ice sheet
Eliot Glacier field tripEmacsCustomisationEnvironment variables
Erin BurkeEvaluating Model OutputExperiments
F2py exampleFAQ
Finite differencingFinite differencing: IntroductionFinite differencing: Introduction 2
Finite differencing IFinite differencing IIFinite differencing III
Foundations of ice sheet modelingFriday, March 25thFuture Climate Data
GVDEGlimmer, the community ice sheet modelGlimmer-CISM Beta Documentation
Governing equationsGreenland Basal Heat FluxGrounding Line Migration
Grounding line treatmentsGroup2 Convection Exercise
Group6 Convection ExerciseGroup five, parabolic, explicitGroup four, parabolic, explicit
Group one, parabolic, explicitGroup six, parabolic, explicitGroup two, parabolic, explicit
GroupsHereHigher Order Physics
Higher order velocity schemesHow (non)linear is the sliding law?How (non)linear is the sliding law? - How to make sure that your model is less interesting than reality
How to make a modelIPCC Fourth Assessment Report
ISIS HandbookISMIP-HOM test suite exerciseIan Rutt
Ice RheologyIce Sheet EvolutionIce Sheet Evolution Experiments
Ice breakerIce shelvesIdeas for Portland extracurricular activities
Improved solution in MATLABIntegration of Pattyn 2003 ModelInternational Workshop on Ice Flow Modeling, Beijing Normal University, March 21-25, 2011
Introduction to CESMIntroduction to CESM LANL
Introduction to CISM code baseIntroduction to Glimmer I
Introduction to Glimmer IIIntroduction to Ice Sheet Modeling
Introduction to ice sheet modelingJesse JohnsonJune 18 Meeting
Kees' assignmentLANL CESM Exercise1LANL CESM Exercise2
LANL Introduction to CESMLANL MergeLagrange multipliers and adjoints
Lecture and Exercise MaterialsMagnus Hagdorn
Martina SchaferMaterials Demo
Meltwater Plume CouplingModel InitializationModel Soultion, parabolic, explicit
Model UncertaintyModeling School StudentsModelling mountain glaciers
Module OrganizationMonday, March 21st
Mountain glacier adjoint modelMountain glacier driver routineMountain glacier forward model
Mountain glacier sensitivity resultMountain glacier tangent linear modelNewsletter Article
Nina KirchnerNominations for Student/Instructor AwardsNotes/vanderVeen Aug4.rtf
Notes/vanderVeen Aug5Observations and ModelingOutput Format
OutreachPDX afterhoursParallel Solvers
Parizek AbstractParticipating ModelsPerspective on ice sheet modeling
Pragmatic ProgrammingPresent Day AntarcticaPresent Day Greenland
PycdfQuantifying model uncertaintyQuestions
Reading ListRepresenting and manipulating dataRichard Hindmarsh
Script for comparing output from blob experimentsSeaRISE AssessmentSeaRISE White Paper
Section on Lagrange multipliersSemi-analytic solutions
Shallow-shelf approxmationSoftwareSoftware/ETSUISIS
Software/ETSUISIS/ModelSolution of the Blatter-Pattyn modelSolving the equation for thickness evolution
Spring 2010 Planning SessionSpun up AntarcticaSpun up Greenland
Stephen PriceStokes equationsStress Field Equations for Pattyn 2003 Model
Student BiosStudent Presentation Development
Subject OverviewSummer Modeling SchoolSummer Modeling School/Notes
Summer Modeling School/Notes/vanderVeen Aug4.rtfTeam 1 SolutionTeam 2 Solution
Team 3 SolutionTeam 5 SolutionTeam 6 Solution
Temperature testTerminologyTest page
The Command-Line InterfaceThe File SystemThe simple adjoint model
The simple forward modelThe simple tangent linear model
Thomas Zwinger
Thursday, March 24thTuesday, March 22ndTypical Daily Schedule
Unverified solution in MATLABUpdated table of run time optionsUse of NaN
Use of pointersUsing ncviewValidation and Verification
Verifying ice sheet modelsWednesday, March 23rd
William Lipscomb