Spring 2010 Planning Session

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A planning session for Glimmer-CISM was held as part of the Land Ice Working Group Meeting, held 16-18 February, 2010.


The meeting will be attended by Tony Payne, Bill Lipscomb, Steve Price, Glen Granzow, Jesse Johnson, and any other interested parties.


  • Beta code release (timing, what it will include, etc.) (Steve, Jesse)
    • list what still needs to be done? (tony)
  • same for refactored release
  • Glimmer version for CCSM release, including restarts and Glint changes (Bill)
    • make these same changes to HO / lanl branch ?
  • PARDISO for PP (jesse)
  • Update on AD (jesse)
  • Ideas for chombo work (tony)
  • Climate model coupling (tony)
  • initial runs of SIA code for LANL UQ guys