Use of NaN

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Fields possibly using NaN:

  • Via stag/unstag:
    • btrc/beta
      • NaN test @ glam_strs2.F90:2845
      • NaN test @ ice3d_lib.F90:1430
    • uvel/vvel
      • kinematic_bc_[uv]
        • Nan where not GLIDE_IS_DIRICHLET_BOUNDARY(geometry_mask)
        • Only used by ice3d_lib.F90:927
      • ice3d_lib.F90:720
        • disabled code sets all ice-free points to nan to test if ice-free points are being used in calculations incorrectly
  • marine_bc_normal: "NaN for all points except those that occur on the marine margin of an ice shelf, in which case contains the angle of the normal to the ice front."
    • NaN precisely where not GLIDE_IS_CALVING(mask(i,j))
    • ice3d_lib.F90 - OK
      • becomes latbc_normal in sparuv()
      • becomes normals in sparse_marine_margin() called only when GLIDE_IS_CALVING(mask(i,j)) so no problem here
    • glam_strs2.F90 - OK
      • Seems to calculate the normals on its own in getlatboundinfo()