Adding a module to Glimmer I

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Construct and add a new module to Glimmer

  • For this exercise, we will create and add a 1st-order, upwind advection scheme to the model
  • The new module will be used with velocities from the HO model to evolve a simple ice shelf domain (image below).

Initial thickness, across-flow, and along-flow velocity fields for confined ice shelf (500 m thick, uniform T=253 K). Boundary conditions are 0-flux at top, left, right, and shelf BCs at bottom. Note that this initial condition is essentially the same solution to the unpublished EISMINT ice-shelf experiments that you worked with in COMSOL a few days ago. NOTE: Due to a plotting error, the velocities shown here will be the negative of what you will see with NCVIEW for the ice shelf exercise.


Thickness and velocity fields after 100 yrs of evolution with no accumulation. Evolution was calculated using the 1st-order advection scheme.

Confined-shelf.100a no acab.jpg