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Arrival and around campus

The first thing we saw after landing in China and getting off the plane; the Beijing international airport, which was amazing.
Our accommodations while in Beijing, the Jingshi Hotel, right on the corner of the BNU campus.
The most impressive building on campus. It looked strangely familiar to us ...
A neighboring university to BNU.

Scenes from the meeting

Lots of lectures...
Martina lays out the basics of glaciology and modeling.
Thomas takes it to another level with an introduction to ELMER.
Steve presses on and muddies the waters a bit more by introducing CISM.
Bill plays anchorman and brings it home with an intro to CESM.
Not again! We got used to the network falling down at crucial moments.
We were sometimes short on plugins for all the laptops ...
Especially around tea time. Safety first! Remember what John says; "China is always trying to ..."
There was an olympic class ping pong table. Why didn't we use this thing more often?
Back to work everyone.
The Polar Research Institute of China group working hard.