Course Evaluation

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But at the laste, as every thing hath ende,

She took hir leve, and nedes wolde wende.

Which is to say, we will spend some time Friday with a course evaluation exercise and a more traditional paper evaluation form.

Possible questions for group discussion:

  • What's next? Has the course influenced how you see your research developing in the years ahead?
  • Was the course what you anticipated?
  • What topics do you consider essential for a course of this type?
  • What was duff?
  • What's the most beneficial thing you learned?
  • What was missing that you would recommend including in a future course?
  • Do you have any comments about the structure of the course? Did the daily schedule work for you? How about the full two weeks overall? Was there sufficient time for working the examples?
  • Was there an appropriate balance between technical (fortran, python, svn, etc.) and scientific material?
  • Is there anything you would recommend for future students to prepare for such a course?