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Data products used in the CISM efforts are available here. All data are encapsulated in the netCDF format, and conform to CF 1.3 naming conventions. On this page you will find

  • Present day Antarctica data sets consist of
    • Mean annual surface temperature
    • Ice thickness
    • Accumulation/ablation Rate
    • Ice surface elevation
    • Bed topography
    • Basal heat flux
    • Thickness mask
    • Interferometrically determined surface velocity
    • Melt rate estimate (Under Ross ice streams only)
    • Surface balance velocity

  • Present day Greenland data sets consist of
    • Ice thickness
    • Bed topography
    • Ice surface elevation
    • Precipitation
    • Basal heat flux
    • Mean annual near-surface(2m) air temperature
    • Surface balance velocity
    • Interferometrically determined surface velocity

More information about the data sources, projection, and grid are found below.

NetCDF Viewers

All of our data is encapsulated in the netCDF format, and conform to CF 1.3 naming conventions. Compliance with these data standards helps ensure that the data are accessible on any platform, can be read with some ease, and that the data can be visualized with numerous packages. Some suggested viewers include

  • Ncview. Light weight and fast. Because it utilizes the X-Windows system is only available for Mac OS X and Linux. Will need to be compiled by the user.
  • IDV program that can be installed on Linux, Mac, or Windows operating systems. IDV requires some work to learn, but can produce impressive three dimensional combinations of data fields. Many of the images on this WIKI were produced from IDV.
  • ncBrowse is a Java application that provides flexible, interactive graphical displays of data and attributes from a wide range of netCDF data file conventions.

Data Sets


Archives of source data for the Antarctica and Greenland data sets are available. These archives contain the original data, and python scripts that create netCDF input files. Some of these data are at greater resolution than the 5km spacing used in seaRISE input data files.

Present Day / Data used for the SeaRISE sensitivity experiments

Present Day Data Sets Under Development

These data sets have not been used for the SeaRISE sensitivity experiments, because they were produced after the SeaRISE experiments were completed by all models. These data are updated basal heat flux following Fox Maule et al. (2005) and were produced in the Fall 2012. They are provided on the same grid as the standard Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet data sets.

Results of 125,000 Year Model Spinup

Future Climate for Forcing Experiments

This data contains 95 years of climate forcing (surface temperature and precipitation) for Antarctica and Greenland.