Data Sources for Greenland

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Data Sources

Field Description: Reference: Notes: CF Name: Units:
Precipitation van der Veen, Bromwich, Csatho and Kim (2001)
This data is in meters/year (water equivalent).

The grid was obtained from the following components:
(1) Geographic trend surface derived from multivariate regression of accumulation;
(2) Geometry effect regressing the geographic trend residual on the first and third principal components characterizing the ice sheet geometry;
(3) Kriging interpolation of residual=[accumulation (ice cores and pits) or precipitation (coastal stations) - geometry and geographic effects]
(4) Sublimation from Box and Steffen (2001).
netCDF, CF 1.3. Polar Stereographic projection, 5 km

lwe_precipitation_rate meter/year
Bed topography (Bamber 2001) + Bathymetry(Jakobsson et al. 2008) netCDF, CF 1.3. Polar Stereographic projection, 5 km bedrock_altitude meter
Ice thickness Bamber (2001) netCDF, CF 1.3. Polar Stereographic projection, 5 km land_ice_thickness meter
Surface elevation Bamber (2001) netCDF, CF 1.3. Polar Stereographic projection, 5 km surface_altitude meter
Basal Heat Flux Shapiro and Ritzwoller(2004) netCDF, CF 1.3 Polar Sterographic projection, 5km Please note that for the purposes of SeaRISE, GTHF should be capped at a value of -0.07 w/m^2, and the field provided in the netCDF file does not include these updated values basal_heat_flux watts/meters^2
Temperature time series GRIP for 125kyr, interpolated over 100 year intervals Text file N/A degrees Celsius
Sea Level Change SPECMAP Text file, also in NetCDF N/A meter
Mean Annual Temperature Calculated from a paper on present day parameterization for present-day Greenland (Fausto et al 2009), it has dependencies on latitude, longitude and altitude. Fausto et al

Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 55, No. 189, 2009

surface_temperature degrees Celsius
Interferometrically determined surface velocity "Joughin, Smith, Howat, and Scambos, in prep" This is a composite map that averages all the data

we have from 5 years of observations (2000,2005-2008). In some sense its an average, but at any given point some years could be missing and the data are weighted by their individual errors. This may lead to artifacts if, for example, part of a fast changing glacier is covered with the data from one period and part with data from another (user beware). So things like changing speeds on outlet glaciers are somewhat ambiguous with respect to time, but are representative of early 21st speeds. The data also have not yet been rigorously screened for errors, and a few very bad points may exist. Updated versions will be available in the future.

Future Temperature Forcing
Future Ocean Forcing