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*Wang, YuanXiang
*Wang, YuanXiang
*Xueyuan, Tang
*Xueyuan, Tang
*Seifert, Fiona
*''Dupont, Todd''
*''Dupont, Todd''
*''Wang, Weili''
*''Wang, Weili''
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*Campbell, Adam
*Campbell, Adam
*Meierbachtol, Toby
*Meierbachtol, Toby
*''Sargent, Aitbala'
*''Sargent, Aitbala''
*''Rempel, Alan''
*''Rempel, Alan''

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Work Groups

Instructors appear in italics. Floaters are instructors that are attending only a portion of the school, or who are too involved with planning the school to be an integral part of a group.


  • Lipscomb, Bill
  • Price, Steve
  • Hagdorn, Magnus
  • Tulaczyk, Slawek
  • Johnson, Jesse
  • Hulbe, Christina
  • Jezek, Ken
  • Van der Veen, Kees

Group One

  • Fyke, Jeremy
  • Wang, YuanXiang
  • Xueyuan, Tang
  • Seifert, Fiona
  • Dupont, Todd
  • Wang, Weili

Group Two

  • Mankoff, Ken
  • Campbell, Adam
  • Meierbachtol, Toby
  • Sargent, Aitbala
  • Rempel, Alan

Group Three

  • Brinkerhoff, Douglas
  • Werder, Mauro
  • Hossainzadeh, Saffia
  • Heimback, Patrick
  • Rutt, Ian

Group Four

  • Colleoni, Florence
  • McGovern, Jonathan
  • Kristin Poinar
  • Kirchner, Nina
  • Jackson, Charles

Group Five

  • Normani, Stefano
  • Lindsey, Daniel Seneca
  • Applegate, Patrick
  • Anderson, Brian
  • Sergienko, Olga


Group Six

  • Adhikari, Surendra
  • Hoffman, Matt
  • Burke, Erin
  • Williams, Gethin
  • Nowicki, Sophie