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Pattyn-Bocek Diagnostic Model

We have integrated into CISM an improved version of Frank Pattyn's incomplete 2nd order model (Pattyn 2003). This model modifies the full Stokes equations by neglecting vertical resistive stress (Pattyn). This assumption that the pressure at any point in the ice is due only to the weight of the ice above it and not due to resistance to motion is called the hydrostatic approximation (cite?). The model also assumes that the vertical gradients in the horizontal velocity field are much greater in magnitude than the horizontal gradients in the vertical velocity field (Pattyn). These assumptions allow the model to be simplified by solving for only two rather than three components of the velocity vector field.

Stress Field

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Boundary Conditions

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Software Integration

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Payne-Price Diagnostic Model

Stress Field

Main Article: a;slkdjf;lksdjfl;skf

Boundary Conditions

Main Article: asldkjfas;ldkfj


Main Article:

Prognostic Model

An experimental prognostic scheme using the existing thickness evolution model from Glimmer has been developed. The scheme, similar to the one that Pattyn describes, simply converts the higher-order velocities to vector diffusivities and passes them to the thickness evolution routine. However, it has not been extensively tested on prognostic experiments, and is likely to lack stability.

Alternative prognostic schemes have been suggested, such as the use of higher-order velocities as a sliding law for shallow ice (Bueler) or an incremental remapping scheme (Lipscomb) that has been developed in a stand-alone model and is awaiting integration with CISM.


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