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tuesday Aug 4, 2009

wednesday Aug 5, 2009

thursday Aug 6, 2009

Amon Tobin and Pitch Black, along with two opening bands, are playing at the Roseland Theatre (8 NW 6th Ave) Thursday night (starting at 9:00 pm or thereabouts). Tickets are $26 (available online at TicketsWest). The music is best described as sampled electronica (Amon Tobin) and Kiwi-style dub (Pitch Black). I'd expect a late night of electronic music: an evening nap may be in order! Jeremy's already got his ticket and can fill you in with more, including a sample of the music.

  • other local music recommendations from Adam

Boy Eats Drum Machine, French Miami, Southern Belle and Electric Opera Company - Indie Rock - Thu., Aug. 6, 9 p.m. $6-8 Berbati's Pan 10 SW 3rd Ave. Downtown

Nurses, Inside Voices and Slaves - Indie Rock - Thu., Aug. 6, 8:30 p.m. $7 Holocene 1001 SE Morrison Southeast

friday Aug 7, 2009

saturday Aug 8, 2009

sunday Aug 9, 2009

The Portland Bridge Pedal is a fun event where you can go on 14, 24, or 37 mi. bike ride over Portland's Bridges. Adam is trying to assemble a group to go on Sunday morning. Please speak with him if you are interested in going to this.