Student Presentation Development

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Students: Please email Ken Mankoff the Lat/Long of your institution and study area by the end of the day. (You can click 'email this user' in the lower left toolbox from his user page.


Roundtable 1: Study regions

  • Antarctica. 6 students: Matt, , Adam,...
  • Greenland. 6 students: Kristin, ...
  • Mountain glaciers. 4 students:
  • Other/Global. 2 students:

Possible discussion questions:

  • What questions are the climate change community pressuring us to answer?
  • What do we know now that would have been a big surprise 10 years ago?


Roundtable 2: Background

  • Geology. 5 students:
  • Physics. 5 students: Adam,...
  • Math(s). 4 students:
  • Engineering/CS/Other. 4 students: Matt, ...

Possible discussion questions:


Other Ways to Sort Ourselves

Seneca - notes from yesterday?

Lists of valuable skills/knowledge learned, connections made, etc.?