Summer Modeling School

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The summer ice sheet modeling school will be help in Portland Oregon, August 3-14, 2009



The modeling school will be on the campus of Stockholm University, in Stockholm Sweden with an excursion to Tarfala Station.

Science Plan

Recognizing the need to build a community of modelers, capable of advancing the communities understanding of the basic physics of ice sheet models, as well as the integrations of a large, mutually interacting componenets into a single cohesive ice sheet model capable of preforming assesments of future sea level rise in concert with other Earth systems components, the following Science Plan has emerged.

Theoretical basis of ice sheet modeling

The role of data in investigation

Process based modeling

Large scale models

Coupling with other Earth systems

Application Process

We seek graduate students and postdocs with some experience in modeling. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online.

Funding Agencies

Organizing Committee

Kees, et. al.